Murals add a magnificent flavor into the design of any interior. Modern technologies give the possibility to decor the interior by direct digital printing on the mural paintings of different textures. Installation of the murals is similar to wallpaper.

Hand-made stained glass window decorations are not affordable for everyone, however, high-quality professional printing on glass and plexiglas provides a unique and attractive stained glass effect in your interior design. Doors, window decorations, glass partitions in bathrooms, ceilings - this is just a small list of possible uses of the stained glass. Printed stained glass decoratios do not fade, do not lose their color, are easy to clean and do not require special care View catalog

Our equipment allows us to realize any of your design ideas. We make prints of any complexity on MDF, laminate, plywood, glass panels, on the finished furniture (doors, shelves, etc.) - both on light and dark surfaces.

For the interior usage printing on the self-adhesive films is made with latex inks and UV inks, depending on the customer's requirements. We always have available self-adhesive films - white glossy, white matte, glossy transparent, glossy white and with black backing.

Flags, curtains, upholstery, screens, cloth, etc. Printing with latex and UV inks on any textile products, which satisfy technical requirements of the equipment. Test printing is free.

Banner fabric is widely used both in the interior and in the exterior design. It is used to mount roll-ups and X-banners constructions. For the interior design with the banner fabric we use eco-friendly inks, which do not have a specific smell and do not lose their color characteristics with time.

Printing on artificial canvas (in rolls) and printing on natural canvas. Available color profiles allow us to achieve the maximum similarity with the original. Printing on canvas is used to create reproductions, modular paintings, graphics, bags, etc.

Printing on the wallpapers is made with eco-friendly latex inks. Latex inks are safe and harmless, are recommended for use in residential and office buildings. Why latex printing on the wallpaper?
  • no restrictions in design
  • high quality printing
  • durable
  • resistant to fading
  • no special installation required
  • washable.

Posters printing width is up to 1.5 m and is made with the latex inks printer. Latex inks allow to reach the most accurate color reproduction, durability and resistance to fading.

We like to work with creative people. Printing machines available in our park provide flexibility, necessary to respond to any rectified customers' requests. For example, provide same-style design on the different surfaces or interior items - worktops, curtains, upholstery, wallpaper etc. Apart from the usual materials, we have experience in printing on the leather, stone, on a tiles, on ceramics, on finished ceilings, etc.